• Aging is no more limited to the "Calendar Age"
  • Functional Aging arriving before chronological aging secondary to:
  • 1. Stress, Social Jet Lag, Lack of Sleep

    2. Lack of Exercise, Decreased Physical Activity

    3. Obesity, Malnutrition, Diabetes

    4. Hormonal imbalances, Mood disorders

    5. Pollution, Intoxication

  • Accumulation of complications of Living Long (Burden of LONGEVITY) : Non Communicable Diseases, Degenerative diseases, Physical & Mental decline , Frailty.

With the advancement of modern medicine and technology the life expectancy of individuals are increasing (increasing the "old olds").

On the other end, due to variousfactors, people are showing early signs of aging affecting the daily living and productivity adversely (increasing the "old young").

The "Social Jet Lag" (working against the circadian rhythm) has compounded the adverse aging issues by altering the "Endocrine and Nutritional homeostasis".

The non-communicable diseases like Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases are on rise.

Antiaging Medicine was initially focusing on longevity, but now the spectrum is widening towards "Reversing Aging" by combination of various modalities of conventional, interventional and life style medicine.

"Wellness" is a privilege in today's world. Where "Health" is a birth right to everybody, "Wellness" needs to be acquired.

The 4 Key Components of Early Aging and Complications of Aging are


The 4 Categories of Aging (Early Aging) Complications are

  • PHYSICAL : (Obesity, Frailty, Muscle loss, Bone loss, Tissue loss, Aesthetics)
  • ENERGETICS : (Fatigue, Lethargy, Pains, Sexual dysfunction, Weakness, Inability to cope up)
  • HOMEOSTATIC: (Stress intolerance, Hormonal imbalances, Mood disorders, Inflammation, Diabetes, Autonomic imbalances)
  • DEGENERATIVE: (Osteoarthritis, Diabetes, Memory loss, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease)

Common Diseases in Today's Aging Population

Obesity Hormonal imbalances Sleep Disorders Aesthetics issues
Frailty Menopause Mood issues Osteoporosis
Cardiovascular diseases Andropause Memory problems Osteoarthritis
Pain Syndromes Somatopause Alzheimer's disease Falls/Fractures
Sexual dysfunction Diabetes Mellitus Parkinson's disease Dental problems
Autonomic dysfunction Stress Intolerance Appetite disorders Cataract
Malabsorption Bowel problems Bladder problems Indigestion
Interpersonal issues Social issues Cancer Others

If the 4 key components of Aging and 4 Categories of Aging Complications can be managed then "ANTIAGING"/"REVERSING AGING" is not far from reality.

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