• Daily secretion of T3 is about 29-32 mcg per day, of which only 6-8 mcg is secreted by the thyroid gland directly. The remaining 23-25 mcg comes from the de-iodination of T4 in the thyroidal and extrathyroidal tissues.
  • T3 is the active thyroid hormone. T4 works as a pro hormone.
  • Eating high calorie diets, fruits and vegetables can increase thyroid activity.
  • Eating sugar does too, although transitorily, increase thyroid activity.
  • Eating too much of proteins (meat and poultry), or eating very low calorie diet may considerably lower thyroid activity by slowing down the conversion of T4 to T3, and also by lowering down the production of both thyroid hormones by the thyroid gland.
  • Thyroid hormones gradually decline with age.
  • Thyroid hormones play important role in body by affecting some of the fundamental processes such as oxygen consumption, heat production and metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.
  • Thyroid hormones increases blood flow, heart rate, intestinal motility, heat production, metabolism, thirst, urination, energy production and consumption.
  • Thyroid hormones improve attention span, speed of thinking and cognition.
  • Thyroid hormones increase the HDL and decrease LDL and Triglycerides.
  • Thyroid hormones have potential role in Immunity.
  • Thyroid hormones play vital roles in Cardiovascular, Musculoskeletal, Reproductive, Sexual and Brain health.
  • Thyroid hormones play important role in managing menstrual cycles.
  • Thyroid hormones play important role in skin, hairs and nails health.

Indications For Thyroid Replacement Therapy

  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism.
  • Myxoedema.
  • Thyroid Hormone Resistance.
  • Dementia secondary to hypothyroidism
  • Depression secondary to hypothyroidism.
  • As an adjunct in Obesity management.

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